The ORMT team does a Skills Share!

Whoo hoo! Lookit – the One River Massage Therapy team all in one place together! We did a Skills Share here at ORMT headquarters, where we took turns getting on the table teaching each other different skills and tips to help our patients and clients in all sorts of ways (and yes, there were snacks 😜).

Among the things we covered were ways to help clients relax, including visualization, deep breathing techniques, and palpating and supporting the craniosacral rhythm. We also learned some wonderful ways to help mobilize shoulders and arms after surgery or radiation, and some techniques on the head and neck for not just edema but sinus issues, headaches, and more. We even shared some exciting new abdominal techniques for manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and hands-on tricks that clients and patients can use at home!

So grateful for Jaclyn and Sam and their individual skill sets and strengths. Excited to put into practice what we learn from one another!