Whether you’re seeking manual lymphatic drainage, oncology massage, breast cancer rehabilitation, scar tissue mobilization, or relaxation.

Under Your Skin

Under Your Skin

Megan Belanger’s cartoons designed to illustrate how and why things work the way they do within our bodies.

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

For people with cancer, cancer history, lymphedema, or lipedema to receive reduced- or no-cost massage. The fund currently contains: $125.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

This effective treatment uses light, slow, rhythmic strokes that help the body increase lymphatic circulation and decrease excess fluid…

Oncology Massage

Specially trained oncology massage therapists can provide safe and effective massage for any patient, whether they are newly diagnosed, in...

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation can sometimes leave behind uncomfortable changes in the body of a client with breast cancer…

Scar Tissue Mobilization

Scars from surgery or other trauma can cause sensations of pulling and tightness in neighboring tissue and can cause blockages in lymphatic...

Therapeutic Massage

Our therapeutic massage sessions incorporate tailored pressure and a combination of modalities to address each client’s individual health issues...

Occupational Therapy

Treating lymphedema, lipedema, scars, manual lymph drainage (MLD), Axillary Web Syndrome, breast cancer rehab, pain management, garment fitting...