Oncology massage is coming to the forefront of new complementary treatment modalities and is widely available in the world’s leading cancer hospitals. Specially trained oncology massage therapists can provide safe and effective massage for any patient, whether they are newly diagnosed, in treatment, or in remission. These gentle sessions, which focus on comfort and relaxation, can help clients get through the stress of cancer treatment as well as provide relief from the many and varied side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, such as fatigue, nausea, neuropathy, insomnia, muscle aches, poor body image, and more. This work is very close to our hearts, and we love being able to provide a therapeutic intervention that clients truly look forward to. As one client has said: “My massage is like a vacation from cancer.”

“Massage therapy is not contraindicated in cancer patients, massaging a tumor is, but there is a great deal more to a person than the tumor.”

-Bernie Siegel, MD